Year 2001 - HAL SOUNDS
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Year 2001 - HAL 9000 sounds

Here Wally Fields tries to do justice to the original HAL 9000, (voiced by Canadian Shakesperian actor Douglas Rain).

  • Narration for
    Here our intrepid computer takes you on a video tour of
    To hear HAL 9000, click on the HAL eye on the left side of LetMeGo's screen.
    The site also has a YouTube alternative, if you can't view the tour.
    MP3 excerpt (179k) of the tour

  • WEIRD Wally on TV-
    FIRST, ads for the Tech

    HAL 9000 impression appeared on a TV ad for The Tech, advertising their 2001: Destination Space exhibit...
    MP3 version(165k)| WAV version(438k)

    Different TV ad for The Tech - for their "Mysteries of Egypt" exhibit. Not his HAL voice: this time, his impression of Rod Serling...
    MP3 version(152k)| WAV version(404k)

    ...and the same as above, but with Wally's "Generic Announcer" voice (You know, like in the movie previews- "In a world" etc)...
    MP3 version(157k)| WAV version(417k)

  • More WEIRD Wally on TV - this time, KNTV 11, San Jose...

    On June 13, 2001, Wally appeared on KNTV's "Today About the Bay" with Brent 'n' Laura. He talked with Bob Redell, hyping his HAL and other impressions and mentioning his appearance at The Tech.

    kntv_062 kntv_070

    Bob Redell was real cool, showing an extreme interest in his many impressions, spending time to chat and prepare for what amounted to SIX broadcasts in one morning. Wally Fields must have done something right!
    Or it was a slow news day!

    KNTV audio samples, FIRST of SIX...
    THE FULL CLIP in MP3 form (299 k)
    The WAV file version is huge... heavily edited and split in two to keep the file size down...
    .WAV part one (337 k) .WAV part two(415 k)

    SECOND of SIX..
    Here, we established HAL as a "Prima Donna", all full of himself and complaining of a dirty lens...
    MP3 version (184 k) | WAV version (660 k)
    (The WAV file version is huge... better have a fast modem!)

    THIRD of six...
    Just a quick blurb for "Today about the Bay"
    MP3 version (65 k) | WAV version (257 k)

    FOURTH of six...
    kntv_081.jpg kntv_075.jpg which HAL reveals himself as WEIRD Wally Fields, in all his sick glory!
    Wally also talk about his history as a Voice Actor, and some of his other impressions: Jim from "Taxi",
    Sean Connery,
    "Annoying Top 40 radio announcer"
    and Yoda.
    (Back in the newsroom, Laura commented: "Can you imagine going on a date with Wally?", and Brent replies "...Or whoever... you don't know who you'll be getting!")
    (BIG file... Split up the MP3 and WAVES into THREE parts.

    MP3 version, part ONE (65 k)
    MP3 version, part TWO (65 k)
    MP3 version, part THREE (65 k)

    WAV version, part ONE (65 k)
    WAV version, part TWO(65 k)
    WAV version, part THREE(65 k)|

    FIFTH of six...
    This time, a Forrest Gump impression.
    (In true Gump fashion, Gump mis-pronounced "TOday About the Bay" as "DAY About the Bay". Oh well!)
    MP3 version (45 k)
    WAV version (234 k)

    The LAST of the six appearances
    kntv_097 kntv_087
    In which, for a moment, Wally tries to look normal, then gives up and continues being goofy, showing off the alignment of the planets with Bob Redell.
    Wally also talks about the kind of childhood that would generate his warped sense of humor, as well as The Tech's 2001 exhibit that features his HAL 9000 impression, and a certain Dennis Gonzales, who made it all possible.
    (Once again, big files- broken up into 4 parts...

    .MP3 part one (162 k)
    .MP3 part two (47 k)
    .MP3 part three (148 k)
    .MP3 part four (177 k)

    .WAV part one (645 k)
    .WAV part two (184 k)
    .WAV part three (589 k)
    .WAV part four (707 k)

    Finally, in a fit of disgust, Bob disconnects the HAL. Bye!

  • Doctor Zachary Smith vs. HAL 9000!
    Wally's most preposterous HAL audio file
    He thinks of Lost in Space as "Hamburgers" to 2001's "Caviar". Put another way, the Sublime vs. the Ridiculous. Listen on...
    SMITH vs HAL!
    Smith vs. HAL!


  • 2001 meets PLANET OF THE APES
    No HAL this time... but with all the hype about Planet of the Apes, here's a scene from "Planet of the Monolith" - Charlton Heston and the Apes talk about a Monolith they found recently- but in true Kubrick fashion, includes references to Nietzsche.
    MP3 version (51k) | WAV version (361k) |

  • HAL on the telephone
    Here's a great HAL for your answering machine

  • See and Hear HAL...
    This great Flash Animation by Mike Jackson is a simulation of the HAL interface -complete with visuals- from 2001 (shown at the Tech)
    HAL flash page

  • HAL on Radio KFJC
    Nestled in the foothills of Los Altos, California, is the Foothill College's own Radio KFJC. Robert Emmett, on this "Thoughtline" show on KFJC, introduced me as HAL...
    kfjc_hal2.mp3 (28k)

    On that same radio show, He even had the honor of talking with 2001's own GARY LOCKWOOD over the phone- in the voices of HAL, Sir Arthur Clarke, and John Lennon! Observe...
    hal_gary.mp3 (95k)
    kfjchalturkey.mp3 (19k)
    kfjc_hal.mp3 (57k)

  • A HAL blurb for PEERS

  • SICK to DEATH of HAL 9000?
    Wally Fields does a whole lot of other impressions. You can hear them by visiting the ARCHIVES page.

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