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Welcome to Wally's Weird  . Enjoy!
WEIRD Wally's voice is in no less than THREE spoofs of Trek:
The two Newest ones are ANIMATED .
In order of who 'discovered' Wally, they are:
_ _ _

SEV TREK: The X Generation - - - From the Cartoonist imagination of John Cook and the animating mouse of Andrew Simpson, a "Next Generation spoof"
_ _ _

STONE TREK - - - Brian Matthews' bizarre imagination strikes in this series about... well... let's just say they're the "Modern Stone Age Starship Crew...."

_ _ _

TESTIMONIALS from beyond the stars ...
To hear Craptain Jirk sing the praises of SEV TREK, click HERE... for an MP3 sample.

For an MP3 audio blurb for STONE TREK from Captain Jean Luc Pecan Head, click HERE...

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...And last but not least...

SPACE TRAK: the Last Generation

Finally, WEIRD Wally's COMEDY ALBUM Space Trak, the Last Generation,
makes for a great gift.
(A soon-to-be collector's item that will cost you a pretty penny on the auctions circuit in a few years!)

General Star Trek Stuff: 36th Anniversary Tribute
Weird Wally is very proud to take part in all the Star Trek hoopla by providing a slightly bent view of the whole thing. Make no mistake, though, Wally loves Star Trek, and always will!
(Plus it's a good excuse for him to plug, ONCE AGAIN, his COMEDY ALBUM
Space Trak, the Last Generation

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