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SSI's Pacific General

Pacific General

From the Rising Sun to the Streets of San Francisco

I had to fake it with the voice of Admiral Nimitz, as we couldn't find a sound bite of the real guy. I visualized, in my mind, a Southern version of the ships captain that Burl Ives played in the film Ensign Pulver...

Audio Samples...

Welcome to the Pacific, one of World War II's most magnificent battlefields. Welcome also, to PACIFIC GENERAL, one of the world's most magnificent strategy games!

Built around a significantly modified 5-Star Series game engine, PACIFIC GENERAL features a newly created naval combat model for high seas realism. Engage in naval combat, including island-hopping land battles, with the same exquisite playability as land combat!

Campaigns and scenarios are playable as Japanese or American forces--imagine landing in San Francisco as the victorious Japanese! Authentic combat footage brings the War in the Pacific to life, and head-to-head play via modem or network lets you square off against human opponents.

Best of all, the powerful all-inclusive Battle Generator can take you way beyond war in the Pacific, because it comes fully-loaded with maps and units for PANZER GENERAL and ALLIED GENERAL.

For more information, check out SSI's PACIFIC GENERAL web site.

Many of the above sound bites are courtesy of Steve Lam, who at the time worked at SSI. Thanks Steve!

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