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Great Naval Battles Four
Burning Steel, 1939-1942

For GNB4, I did the voice of a young British sailer, who responds to orders from... you, the player.
I have grabbed the following sound snippets from the game and presented them below for your review:

This is truly quality software and a wonderful game to play. If you are looking to invest a small amount of money and receive a large amount of fun in return...pick this thing up.

Following is a sample of the advertising on the outside of the box...

SSI's Advanced Simulator Series steams ahead with GREAT NAVAL BATTLES IV: Burning Steel, 1939- 1942! Command the last of the great battle wagons--Bismark, King George V, Dunkerque, and Littorio, as the twilight fires of the battleship age burn through war-torn Europe.

A refined interface plus expanded game action bring this huge, masterful simulation to a new level. Control the British, German, French, Italian, or Russian fleets throughout Europe from the start of WWII. Command fleets in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Baltic and all points in between. Choose from scores of historic and hypothetical engagements...or create your own!

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