[Image: Weird Wally Tidbit]

El Tren Fantasma

One day, A gentleman named Pablo Perel in Argentina asked me to record a custom sound file for him in Spanish, and he provided the script. I told him I don't speak Spanish, but he spelled the script phonetically and asked me to give it a try. I thought "Well, this is gonna stink!" but tried it.

Some weeks later my voice was on the air in Argentina!

To this day, I can't REALLY tell if my Spanish was any good! Dia Shepardson, Spanish-speaking Voice Actress in the Bay Area, translated for me, and recorded phonetic sample files... but it's Argentinian Spanish. Worse, it's artsy poetry, so neither she nor I knew if her translations were right! But it was a fun adventure nonetheless!

(The following sentences may be sentence fragments, as that simplified the process for me. Someone please let me know if I'm saying something embarrassing, such as "I'm going to eat the bathroom"!