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Some years back, WEIRD Wally recorded sound bites for a Spanish - language program in Argentina called "El Tren Fantasma", produced by Pablo Perel- particularly odd since he doesn't speak Spanish.

But with a little help from his friend, the lovely and talented Spanish-speaking Voice Actress Dia Shepardson, he was able to fake it, hopefully pretty well.

And what is he saying? According to the translation provided by his friend Ezequiel Kosiner Blanco (who worked on the show):

This is Fantacine (scream!) Fascinating Today Fantacine remembers "War Dogs" (Is this the english name?) A film by Quentin Tarantino Scene 1, Take 1, 8 men dressing black suits are sitting around a coffe table for breakfast... (And the music goes on)

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Last updated: May 05, 2000
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