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The Wally Fields Story

This page is about me and nobody but me, so if you think you're going to be bored or don't really want to spend a warm, lazy afternoon this way, then now is the time to just hyperlink out of here!

If, on the other hand, like me, you can't get enough of me, then here is my humble story...

My name is Wally Fields, and I own a one-man company called Wallys WEIRD Voices (as if that isn't obvious). Voice Acting, Sound Production, and Stand-up comedy are my Superman job. Meanwhile, my Clark Kent job is as a Shipment Paperwork Coordinator at the New United Motor Plant in Fremont, California. It's OK work, but not nearly as fun, and every year, I get closer to being able to do my Superman job full-time!

I have been imitating sounds and other people for about as long as I can remember. Like many kids my age, I took great delight imitating various commercial jingles like 'Lectric Shave! (43K) (If you listen closely to this file, you will here an imitation of my mother asking me to shut up!) I was fascinated with animals (98K), like the one in this wave file of a cat and a cow hacking it out. I pretty much drove my family insane with my various chantings, but they let me stay anyway.

Some sounds have been with me all my life, including this spaz (36K) noise I make (usually for no good reason). In fact, my friends Brent Morgon and Melinda Reeder can easily remember images of me running down the aisle at Waldenbooks (where we all used to work), making this rediculous noise. Thank goodness they didn't just leave me then and there like they should have.

Like most everyone, music has been a big part of my life, so I suppose it's only natural that songs and singers should so strongly influence me. I love doing impressions of most of the Beatles, especially John. I've also been known to warble out certain surf tunes (101K) because they're so fun to imitate (and because they sound a little like Chewbaca from Star Wars).

Being a television baby, I was interested in many theme songs including "The Theme to Dark Shadows" (133K). As the years went along, I continued to amuse people especially with my imitations of Star Trek characters like James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock. I was also very taken with the Talosian race of aliens on the series. Many a times I could be heard around the house saying "The vial contains a nourishing liquid, (50K)" or some such thing.

Eventually, I took my schtick to the stage as a stand-up comic, where I would wow 'em in places like Joe's Comedy Club and Storm Door Repair. Working at enough classy places like that made me realize that I would rather find other venues for my voices.

Now for some serious stuff about me. I like the books of John Irving and Kurt Vonnegut, and the music of the Beatles, Moody Blues, and Pink Floyd.

At age 8, two months before the first Moon Landing, my mind was blown by the magnificent 2001: a Space Oddysey. I later read the book, and in the years since have come to think of this masterpiece as a bible for the secular age. For years afterwards, I would crank up the stereo to full blast, playing Also Sprach Zarathustra, crashing down my imaginary baton during the crescendo.

For the first three years of my life, I had the joy of living in a home built by the late Joe Eichler. Since then, no matter the floor plan, I can instantly tell when I'm in an Eichler- probably the only tract home who's builder is known by name. His homes sprinkle the Bay Area- particularly the Peninsula, and extend, I believe, to Southern California.

The typical Eichler is marked by a spartan, almost windowless front - except for one or two, triangular shaped windows near the roof, revealing an open-beam ceiling usually visible all the way to the back. Go inside, and you're apt to be greeted by an atrium, surrounded by glass- revealing the inside of the house around you and, in the back of the house, huge picture windows to the back yard. For more info on the wonderfull homes of the late Joe Eichler, check out The Eichler Network

My dream? Twofold. My first dream is to get my voice in some major Work of Art- something that would serve to inspire the next generation of smart kids to follow their creative passions- as my heroes Stanley Kubrick and Arthur Clark have done for me. If I could only be 10% as great as them, I will be content.

On a smaller but no less important scale, I'd like to be so successful doing voices, sound production, and stand-up comedy, that I can afford to buy one of these wonderful Eichler homes. I will then move in to my dream home with my loving wife - whom I haven't met yet.

In the mean time, my female companionship consists of a grey-and-black striped, generic Tabby with beautiful green eyes, named Jasmine. Jasmine's a real sweetie, and an outlet for my mushy side.

On Winter nights, Jasmine will curl in my arm pit and purr the night away. On hot summer nights, however, she'll have nothing to do with me, preferring to spend the night perched in front of the front screen door, listening in on the wild summer night life of birds and crickets.
I hope you like my little story. Thanks for taking the time to read it. If you are curious to see what I look like and see why I am able to make so many strange sounds and imitations, please click here.

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