Moss, Dirt, and Acrylic Glaze on Hardibacker, 13" x 13" x .75"

An ecological Phoenix from the ashes. Wally started by wanting to capture the beautiful color of moss on hardibacker.
So why not preserve some moss and dirt in a layer of acrylic glaze?
Alas, the glaze seemed to kill it... turning it all black.
Some years of outdoor storage later, he discovered some green after all! Some new moss must have grown out of all that death. Thus... a living work!

Please see below for alternate views- including a video.

Head-on view:

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Angular view:

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...in which Wally's Sony Handicam comes in for a super close, "flyover view" of "Moss" and "SCLORP!".
His intention? To have you see these works as whole worlds, not just something to put on a wall.

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