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"Dr. Muto" Audio samples of
WAV VERSION (size- 485k) | MP3 HI-RES (size- 107k) | MP3 LO-RES (size- 62k) (For video of this ad, go to Midways Muto site, find the little pop up window, and Click on "View Trailer".)

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I HAD THE TREMENDOUS HONOR recently of being the voices of SIX characters for the new Midway game Dr. Muto, comprising 95% of the voice work. This is by far the biggest computer game that I've had any sizable role in.

I stood in the very same room, in front of the very same mike, as I did in 1989 when I voiced my very first computer game, for what was then Atari Games.

The people are different, the company is different, yet it felt exactly the same to be there- except for one thing... we were all tremendously excited about the project.

I knew it would be big, but I didn't know HOW big till I saw a full-page ad for Dr. Muto on page 5 MAD Magazine's 50th anniversary issue.
THEN, one day, I heard my voice as 'Al the Computer' on the air! I remembered voicing a TV ad, but I didn't think it'd go national!

Finally, IGN, a very big gamer's web site, posted A REVIEW of the game.
Among other things, the article says of the game...
"...by placing gamers into the world of an unlikely platforming anti-hero, a sketchy, untrustworthy mad scientist, it's taken the first step away from the pack. "
...and of my voice work...
"The sound effects and voice-overs, however, are where the sounds shine most; the main focus being Dr. Muto himself. A lead character that does indeed talk, Muto's squeaky, nasally voice is perfectly fleshed out with shouts of euphoric exclamation, derogatory curses, and low-sounding mumbles. When he collects something of importance, he screams out in victory, accompanied by painful hip-thrusting action, and when he dies, his voice shrieks in long, agonizing screams."

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