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Allied General
The Excellence Continues

I RECORDED the voice of a British Military officer for Allied General, back in -I believe- 1996.

I couldn't help but keep this old promo for the game, probably copied SSI's website. The company is long gone, but I keep running into SSI alumnis when I do voices for other companies. Hope you enjoy reading this blast from the past...

PANZER GENERAL took the gaming world by storm, prompting Computer Gaming World to call it, "...such fun that even non-wargamers are likely to find themselves hooked."

Now, prepare to become an ALLIED GENERAL. Volume II in SSI's premier 5-Star Series has you in its sights--and this time the battlefield is the state-of-the-art Windows95 environment!

Like its award-winning predecessor, success depends on your effectiveness as a leader. Play three campaign games as an American, British or Soviet General against the German army. Or choose from over 35 scenarios that let you play as either the Allied or Axis side. You may even engage in a little conjecture: several what-if scenarios include Churchill's never-realized invasion of Norway--Operation Jupiter. With so many choices, your abilities will be tested as never before!

Watch your forces improve with each victory. Use new troop types such as Finnsih ski troops. Engage in E-mail gaming with streamlined file transfer and full VCR playback of your remote opponent's turn. All of this and more await your challenge. Welcome to the next generation of stategy gaming!

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